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Our services

Design & equipment assignment as per project concept considering the total range and determine particular system requirements for optimum performance. Digital Satellite RF and/or IF Distribution Central Antenna and closed TV Networks Multi-Switch Network Interactive TV Distribution Digital pay TV Distribution Internet Network Distribution CCTV & Access Control Network Covert Surveillance Network PA, Audio-Visual & Conference Distribution, IPTV disribution ancillary distribution systems. Co-ordinate with industry consultants/main-contractors/owners and evaluate and plan project concept. Draw up specifications for tender bid-documents, layout drawings, etc.

System Architecture & Engineering

Here in this area of the department, are company has employed several experts who are skilled when it comes to inventing new ideas. Along with their experience and dedication, they design and formulate new ideas to make picture-perfect solutions. Our computer and network engineers have the technical and mathematical knowledge to bring these new ideas to life.

Installation, Test, Commissioning and Maintenance

Review startup plans with team-leaders as per project cpm, our technicians are well versed with current technology and system Integration, with trouble-shooting skills amongst others, as per phased installation plans, on-line testing of main equipment and ancillary sub-systems, draw up as–built drawings for archive, etc.


Promptly attend to service calls, and carryout regular inspection, testing, repairs and retrofit maintenance services etc. All services/maintenance calls are documented and held in client history-file. We employ experienced, expert technicians who are specialised and trained to mend and troubleshoot problems that our customers face with our products. The majority of the time, our technicians are able to successfully troubleshoot all the problems. With a loyal, hard-working team, we can assure trouble-free entertainment.


Hands-on training for end-user personnel, ensuring proper/safety handling, etc; provide in-house and/ or factory training for key personnel. The training is based on key concepts and skills. From these and meetings with the client, IAC and the trainer will develop a programme. In conjunction with structured presentations, manual work will enable their representatives to work through the issues. Real projects from the company might be the base of the making of the client’s learning experience.

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