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Hotel Missoni Kuwait is a luxury lifestyle hotel opend in Kuwait's shopping and entertainment district of Salmiya. It will be among the very first of several properties of a joint venture between the Missoni fashion house and The Rezidor Hotel Group. The hotel's architects are Dino Georgiou & Partners, while the interior designer is Italian architect Matteo Thun in collaboration with Rosita Missoni. It is currently planned to be the only designer hotel in Kuwait and the first in the Middle East. Otrum is proud to be an afiliate with this project and supply its greatest assets to the flourishing Hotel.

  OTRUM Evolution HD In Over 15,000 Rooms       and Digital Signage In Over 300 Hotels.

Since its launch in late 2008 the uptake of this system has been gathering momentum, and the 15,000 room milestone coincides with OTRUM celebrating its most recent contract with the tallest hotel in Northern Europe, with 714 Interactive screens. Nigel Bateson, VP Business Support comments “Now that OTRUM has stopped installing the older analogue TV systems, we will see an accelerated growth of OTRUM Evolution HD in the coming months – guests are no longer satisfied with anything less than fully digital solutions, together with HD LCD and LED screens, just like they have at home”. OTRUM Evolution HD is a digital end-to-end implementation, that ensures the best possible TV experience for hotel guests. Perfect picture quality in every room, no matter what cable infrastructure is used within the property. OTRUM offers both IPTV and DVB-C solutions, allowing for the effective utilisation of either Ethernet or legacy Coax networks. All TV content is transmitted to the guest room in digital format. The incoming TV signals can be received from any standard sources, and then sent to the guest room.

Stinova Ltd. was established in 2007 but has flourished despite a constricted time period. Stinova offers a diversity of Digital Signage systems which can cater to a wide variety of settings from small corporate meetings to public venues. It enable firms such retailers, company owners, corporate accounts and institutions to fulfil their marketing requirements. Because of the products’ user-friendly graphical user interface, many companies have flourished due to effective advertising. Stinova signage systems have flexible hardware support therefore it can adapt to any technological configuration.

As the website explicitly suggests, Appear TV head-ends are designed for “modularity, high-density and flexibility”. If offers its customers one of the most advanced head-end designs for delivering analogue and digital broadcast services to their subscribers. Multiple inputs such as IP, DVB-S/S2, ASI and DVB-C can be inserted into the system. This shows its ability to adapt to different stimuli. The high density and flexibility of the systems make it easier to stream and multiplex digital content over a wide network of IP addresses. In addition, the high density enables multiple network connections. It is a true professional IPTV headend.

The SMATV system is catered to an environment where there are a large number of subscribers such as the residential apartment and office complexes. This system is the epitome of the new generation of economical channel processing. This concept combines high system performance. The notable, multiple certified WISI quality management system ensures the longevity of the system. The system also has an incredible performance. Each existing configuration can be extended to its fully professional level where the system is at its best performance. A huge number of projects has been executed using this system.

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